Who Are We?

We were founded in 2014 by Stephen Good. Vastly experienced in Passenger Transport, Home to School, SEN and Social Care Transport, he wanted to establish a business that allowed him to pass on his knowledge, expertise and experience back to Councils and other organisations to help them improve services outcomes, customer experience, whilst operating within agreed budgets.

By utilising his broad network of experienced passenger transport colleagues across the country SJG has been able to target individual transport specialist to join its workforce to ensure it can call upon experience passenger transport specialist for every assignment relevant to the projects and outcomes that are being delivered on behalf of our clients.

Whilst our core specialism is Passenger Transport and Local Authority Transport Services, we also have extensive experience working alongside Education and SEND department services and health services. We have a proven success record of delivering successful outcomes for our customers, exceeding original expectations in most cases.

We believe that in order to improve public services each project must incorporate and commit to the following principles:

Sustainable - Our aim is to empower services with the necessary insight, skills, tools, belief and enthusiasm to not just deliver the initial project but to continually review their service to ensure it continues to meets future requirements and expectations, within agreed budgets

Collaborative - Improvements developed amongst services, service users and other key stakeholders will ultimately produce enhanced outcomes and enable change to take place with minimal impact

Innovative - Bring together the latest technology, best practice, proven models & theories and adapt these to services core needs and desired outcomes will enable innovative solutions to be developed and implemented by our clients.

Engaging - Work closely and communicated effectively with services and associated internal and external stakeholders by adopting different approaches and messages to suit the audience. We aim to communicate using simple, jargon-free terms to promote key messages and develop overall understanding. Greater understanding = greater commitment and ownership 

Our Vision